Fiscal Responsibility Pledge


Policy commitments aimed at lifting council performance in four key areas: keeping residential rates low, cutting waste, reducing staff costs and controlling debt form the basis of a fiscal policy launched jointly by centre right ticket Auckland Future, and Mayoral candidate Vic Crone, today.

Auckland Future candidates are committing to the following pledge:


Cap rates increases at 2% per annum on average for all residential ratepayers over the next three years, and


Cut at least $500 million of Council waste over the remainder of the 10 year budget to 2025, and


Reduce staff costs by 5-10% over the next three years and cap staff numbers at current levels, and


As fiscal conditions allow, use the Council’s annual operating surpluses to pay down debt faster than currently forecast.


Auckland Future spokesperson, Cr Denise Krum, said she is confident Auckland Future and Vic Crone will receive strong voter endorsement for the fiscal pledges.

“Ratepayers feel let down by the Council consistently treating them like a cash machine. They are crying out for certainty in decision making around the Council table,” she said. “Voters deserve to know that the candidates they vote for will apply fiscal discipline to their decision making. Core service delivery will be the focus. Voters lack confidence in the Council – it’s that simple.”

“Auckland Future is determined to deliver core services in a fiscally sustainable way” Cr Krum said.

Auckland Future recognises the strong leadership and expertise that Ms. Crone has shown in working together to develop this policy. Auckland Future is proud to endorse Vic Crone.

Auckland Future aims to secure a majority of centre right councilors, signed up to the fiscal pledges, at the forthcoming local body elections.

Seven candidates have been selected to contest the Albany, Maungakiekie-Tamaki, Manukau, Albert-Eden-Roskill and North Shore wards. Independent candidate for the Waitemata ward, Bill Ralston, has signed up to the fiscal pledge. Auckland Future expects to, over the coming months enter into discussions with like-minded Councilors who might sign up to the pledge.

According to Denise Krum, further candidate selections are pending and with the support of some of the existing councilors a fiscally sensible majority is well within reach.

For more details see the attached policy document and pledge or visit



NOTE: Councillor Denise Krum and Mayoral candidate Vic Crone will be available to media at 12.30pm at the Sparklab, Level 4, Seafarers building, Britomart, Auckland.

Media contact: Councillor Denise Krum - 027 687 2351