So'oalo Setu Mua

sooalo.jpgAuckland Council Candidate for the Manukau Ward


So`oalo Setu Mua – BEd; Community Leader

So`oalo Setu Mua is an educator; business practitioner; community leader, local resident and rate payer. He brings governance, management and community engagement experience.

His service to South Auckland includes: education and training; community engagement; cultural consultant to education, health, community provider organisations, and Government Agencies; staunch supporter of youth sports, local rugby and boxing development.

His other community involvements are: church; community radio host; newspaper column writer; and former host of the Pasefika Nius program on Triangle TV promoting education and life achievements. He is a husband; father; Samoan chief with the title ‘So`oalo’; respected orator; and Governance Member of the Pacific Leadership Forum.

‘I stand for: keeping Council rates low; cutting wasteful spending; getting debt under control; affordable housing; better community engagement; safer community; economic developments; and a vibrant Auckland for all. Vote: So`oalo Setu Mua and Ikamafana Tameifuna. Manukau Ward – Auckland Future.’